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5 General Myths Concerning Peyronie’s disease (Bent penis)

Reminiscent of several other health disorders as well as disease, we have witnessed numerous bad information, misconceptions and baseless suppositions linked to Peyronie’s disease (PD). This article intends to highlight a few of those general beliefs related to PD and will help you identify the difference between a fiction and the real truth.   


Myth 1: Penis curvature is encountered by youthful males exclusively

Fact: Over 75% of patients suffering from Peyronie's disease are between 45 and 65 years of age. Also, certain individuals as well believe that Penis curvature only can affect men older than fifty years of age. In reality, however, research demonstrates that up to 10% of patients may face it at age 40 and under.   

Myth 2: Penis curvature is a disorder of no identified root

Fact:  Not every case of Peyronie's disease could be resulting from a unitary cause but damage to the penis probably is the most widespread of them all. Similarly, Peyronie’s disease has also been linked with various generalized issues e.g. high blood pressure along with diabetic issues. Additionally, it has been also proven to be linked to Ledderhose's disease (plantar aponeurosis), Dupuytren's disease (palmar aponeurosis), Paget's disease and knucle pads. The disease also has a tendency to have a root in some families, inherited by sons from their fathers.


Myth 3: Peyronie's disease can be an origin of malignancy

Fact: The plaque which has built up in Peyronie's disease itself is not dangerous, or noncancerous (or not malignant).  It is by no means a cancer and cannot extend to surrounding body parts or cells. Likewise, Peyronie’s disease is certainly not transmittable (can't be passed down from someone to another by any means) and is certainly not proven to be brought on by whichever infectious disease.  

Myth 4: Surgery is the lone best method that can fully cure every case of Bent penis

Fact: Surgery definitely is among the riskiest, costly and intricate correction approaches and is basically always recommended being the last step you should go for after trying other approaches with no results. As well, even successful surgical procedures are unable to guarantee you that the disease will not come again in the foreseeable future. Additionally, not all surgical procedures have provided 100% conclusion of indications and indicators in Bent penis.   

Myth 5: There isn't a relation between Penis curvature and erectile dysfunction

Fact: Even as the two problems may arise independently, Peyronie's disease is connected with erectile dysfunction (or male impotency) in almost all its incidences. Attributable to newer research, the connection between Penis curvature and male erectile dysfunction is much clearer than earlier regarded. Published research studies and trials have pointed out that as much as 30% to 80% of men may suffer from erection problems associated with Peyronie’s disease.

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