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The War Of Penis Enlargement Product Manufacturers

There is no doubt that the penis enlargement industry is booming despite the current global economic crisis. You may have lost your job, about to lose your mortgage benefits or have to give up on your dream car but you must have sex. Sex is one of those human aspects that do not depend on how fat your wallet is.


Although the penis enlargement industry has recorded a drop in their revenues, it is still booming. The reason is due to the fact that they are making life easier for the potential and current users. If you have not guessed how, I will tell you right away. They are offering a lot of very fabulous packages. Some offer a drastic cut of prices while some even offer a free bottle of herbal penis enlargement pills. Beat the credit crunch they call it.

According to the latest proven information, the following manufacturers are offering series of packages.



There is no doubt that SizeGenetics ranks as one of the best natural penis enlargement devices. This is a penis device that helps men enlarge their penile length and girth without expensive surgeries. They are offering a price cut due to the credit crunch.

This is a very good option since you can now enlarge your penis at a fraction of the cost you would have paid had you ordered a few months ago. Their offer however is for a limited time. If you want more information SizeGenetics Natural Penile Extender Credit Crunch Offer gives details.


Potencx is an herbal pill that helps in making the penis bigger coupled with the ability to enhance over all sexual performance. PotenCX offers a free bottle of their product. If you buy a bottle of PotenCX, you get another one free. Yes free. Unfortunately for those men who didn't take action when they had it, Potencx has closed its doors and you can't even find it anywhere.

Prosolution Pills

Prosolution pills seem to be a step ahead of their competition not with price but with quality. They have been conducting series of researches to improve their product and as such it is no wonder some users consider Prosolution herbal penis enlargement pills to be the best. As for their offer, it is worth visiting their page ProsolutionPills for details since they offer packages which are constantly updated from time to time. Putting every offer from Prosolution here will consume a lot of time and space.

Coupled with the fantastic money back guarantees and the Doctor recommendations, these products are worth considering if you want to increase the size of you male sexual organ at a fraction of the cost.


The offers are marvelous; blame it on the credit crunch if you like.



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